Dental Sealants Columbia SC


Sealants are a thin plastic covering placed, typically , on back teeth of children to prevent pit and fissure decay. We try to place sealants on children at age of 6 years old. This is the time of the eruption of the 1st ( 6 year ) molar. This is a simple procedure that will prevent your child from needing fillings. 

Remember We Are Kid Friendly

We know how tough it can be to have a kid who is afraid of the dentist. It’s no fun for the parent, and it’s no fun for the kid who has to sit in the chair. That’s why here at our Columbia, South Carolina office, we take pride in making sure that your kid can feel welcome and comfortable, whatever the procedure may be, and we will do our best to make sure they want to keep coming back. Dr. Lovit is the dentist for kids in Columbia South Carolina and it doesn't take long to see that when you see the kids walking out with a smile.

Dental Procedures:

For the premier general and cosmetic dentistry in Columbia, Forest Acres, and Fort Jackson South Carolina Dr. Lovit and his staff can help your smile say it all.