Columbia SC Preventative Dentistry

Preventative Dentistry

With regular check ups, you can maintain the oral cavity and catch problems early or totally prevent catastrophic dental procedures. Our practice is designed to maintain optimal dental and oral health with the most modern tried and true procedures. Example: If we detect a cavity at a routine dental exam, the cavity can be treated fairly simply. If let go , the decay can travel to the nerve of the tooth requiring more extensive and expensive procedures. It has been proven the Preventive Dentistry works.

Important note: Have your young children ages 6 months to early teens, drink the city water. It is optimally fluoridated. This will also prevent cavities. The ingested fluoride will be incorporated in the developing enamel of your child’s ‘permanent teeth.

Dental Procedures:

For the premier general and cosmetic dentistry in Columbia, Forest Acres, and Fort Jackson South Carolina Dr. Lovit and his staff can help your smile say it all.