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Removable Partial Dentures

This is a prosthesis that replaces multiple missing teeth. This is a less expensive alternative to a Fixed Bridge. This appliance can be metal and plastic or all plastic.

Complete Dentures

This is a way to replace teeth when the patient has no teeth. With the advent of Implants, a complete denture can be stabilized much better (see implants)


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Things to know about dentures:

Dentures fall into two basic categories, full plate and partial. The partial denture can cover your need for one tooth or several. The full denture plate will replace an entire set of natural teeth.
New dentures don’t last forever. Many professionals recommend that your dentures be refitted every two years. Your dentures need to be checked and fitted because over time your bones reshape and can cause the dentures to fit improperly. If dentures go unchecked for a number of years your dentures may lose stability and not function properly.
The best quality dentures are the dentures you and your denture professional feel are the right choice for you. Comfort and function must be at a premium. Your denture specialist will carefully examine your personal needs, and together, you will weigh them against the many options available.
Whether you need dentures for the very first time, or if you are replacing your old dentures, your denture professional will take great care to assure proper fit and comfort.

Dentures fitting steps:

  1. The first visit usually consists of an oral examination where your denture professional will check the size and shape of your gums to determine if any surgical alterations are necessary to ensure a better final fit for your new dentures.
  2. On your second visit wax rims attached to a basic denture base will be inserted into the mouth to determine the exact size and placement for the new teeth. This will assure the upper and lower dentures line up correctly. You will be asked to smile, and the position of your lips will be marked on the wax, enabling the denture technicians to choose the best tooth size for you. Once all measurements have been taken, the wax rims are sent to a lab to make a wax try-in. This will be the prototype for your final dentures.
  3. On the third visit you will try on the wax try-in. It looks quite similar to the final dentures, but the teeth are embedded in wax, to allow for more adjustments if necessary before the actual denture is manufactured. You will have the opportunity to see how the final denture will look, and see if any positioning needs to be changed.
  4. The final step is to try on your new dentures, make sure the fit is right, and smile.
Whichever type of denture you and your dentist feel is right for you, advancements in denture Technology have brought us the most natural looking and comfortable dentures the world has known to date.

Dental Procedures:

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